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Haley Earl: Entrepreneurs

Close your eyes and think of a small business. Is this business a store in your downtown, or is it a consulting firm you recently employed? Was the business family owned? Or owned by a male or female? Even though we may not realize it, we interact with entrepreneurs daily. …

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Metrics-Based Business Processes

“Our business isn’t growing.” “There aren’t any opportunities out there.” “I feel like we’re doing okay… but I’d like to know for sure.” I hear these comments all the time as I meet with business owners in commercial and federal markets. If one of these statements reflects a concern of …

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Why Whitespace?

When I tell the story about the genesis of Whitespace Innovations, I have been asked many times “What makes your company unique?” This is a good place to summarize the answer to that seminal question. Indeed, what makes Whitespace Innovations unique in the field of business development consulting? I have …

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