Happy New Year from Whitespace Innovations!

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year from Whitespace Innovations!

The beginning of a new year is a good time to take inventory of life on a personal and a professional level. So, let’s start with this question: “How much time do you have left?”

How much time do you have left to meet your business goals? How much time remains to finish the big corporate project or that critical proposal you are writing for a must-win opportunity? Did you plan ahead and get started early, or are you scrambling at the last minute to catch up?

How much time do you have left to enjoy the life that you’ve been blessed with, to spend time with your family and loved ones? How much time is left to realize those “bucket list” dreams?

This is the time of year when we take stock of where we are and consider where we are headed with our organizations in the year to come. The annual budgeting process is behind us, and the holidays have passed. We have 365 days left to meet the demands of the coming year, pursuing our new goals. How will you approach this coming year? With a sense of wonder and anticipation, or with a sense of dread?

“Time is our most valuable nonrenewable resource, and—if we want to treat it with respect—we need to set priorities,” wrote Dr. Albert-László Barabási, an expert in Network Theory.

I’m writing you today to inspire you to think about time and priorities. What are your priorities in 2018? I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions. I’m concerned that we set realistic goals, establish actionable strategies and business discipline, and that we persevere in the face of every corporate challenge. We must make measurable progress every day in the pursuit of our companies’ goals and objectives. I’m also concerned that we maintain a balance between our work and our personal lives. We must make a difference with the few days that we have been given and spend time with the people who are closest to us.

As Dr. Barabási stated, time is a non-renewable resource. It’s so much more valuable than money, more precious than material and facilities. Time may be as precious to your business as your personnel team. So, how will you approach the demands of this coming year? I hope that you will do it with a sense of amazement, with a commitment to tackle every challenge, driven every day by an unbreakable spirit. I also hope that you will tackle this year with a dedication to keep your life and work in a healthy balance.

The enclosed pocket calendar is a token of our appreciation for your connection with Whitespace Innovations during our past three years. This gift is a reminder that the time God has blessed you with is finite. Time is a non-renewable resource, but we can do amazing things with it if we plan ahead and prioritize. Use this calendar to keep a focus on God’s remarkable gift of time—in business and in life.

Pursue your company objectives with a new sense of purpose and take some time to tackle your “bucket list.” Do something that you thought you’d never find time for. Chase your dreams and catch them.

At Whitespace Innovations, we’re here to solve tough problems for our customers and to help people find work by assisting our clients in growing their businesses. We wish for you a prosperous new year in 2018, a year filled with exciting corporate and personal growth.

Make each day count!


Austin W. Boyd, CEO

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