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Merry Christmas from Whitespace Innovations!

Dear friends and Whitespace Innovations family,

“Count your blessings!”

The prolific songwriter Johnson Oatman wrote a hymn in 1897 with that title. The focus of his song matches the spirit of this season. He penned wise words that remind us that we get what we measure, and we should never ever give up. Consider the wisdom of the first verse of this hymn, one of thousands of songs that Oatman wrote:

Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

I’m writing to you, in Whitespace Innovations’ fifth Christmas letter, to acknowledge that our many blessings are all from God’s hand and not from our own. Grace is a free gift to every man who asks for it, not of our own works lest any of us should boast. We are here on Earth, created to serve each other in love, because of God’s rich blessings. No matter what our trials or setbacks, despite our loss and pain, we have an eternal hope that is grounded in His everlasting love for us. Christmas is a good time to count our many blessings. At Whitespace, we are blessed to know, work with, and be in relationship with each of you. Thank you for your place in our lives.

The blessings overflow here at our growing company. Our biggest blessing is one of family. At our Christmas party last Friday, an employee commented that each of us has encountered a “less than ideal” work environment at some point in our careers. Yet, he reminded me, we each have an opportunity to craft our ideal work environment at Whitespace. Yes, it’s work after all. It’s often difficult and sometimes unpredictable. But we have an opportunity to work as a family that pulls every load together. Of all the blessings we’ve enjoyed this year, that’s my #1. We have a “Best Places to Work” environment where we overcome every challenge as a team.

You get what you measure. It’s important to look back each year and measure your progress. After all, if you aren’t keeping score, then you’re just practicing. Some measures will inspire joy, while others will inspire you to perform better. Whatever the measure, you should keep score. Self-evaluation is essential to growth and wisdom, and it enables you to see God’s hand in your life. Grow and improve in every venture to which you aspire and give God the credit for providing the opportunity.

This has been a year of growth and fulfillment of our vision at Whitespace. Our family has grown from 80 to 120 full-time and part-time employees. That success was matched by a 50% revenue growth to more than $1.8M, with a customer base that swelled from 50 to more than 70 clients spread across ten states. We faced tough trials to get a company security clearance completed and to open two new lines of business, but each of those efforts have been met with success. Each of us lost some sleep as we pressed forward into the face of stressful challenges, but we never gave up. The intrepid perseverance of our team was a major blessing.

Each year I write to remind you that Whitespace was founded with three goals in mind. Foremost, we are here to solve tough business and technical problems for our customers. If you succeed, we succeed. Second, we are in business to help people find work, and we do that through a singular focus on our clients’ growth. As the late Bob Buford once stated, “Our fruit grows on your tree.” When companies grow, people gain a livelihood and purpose. Third, we seek to achieve a life-work balance that enables our employees—and our customers—to pursue lives where work is meaningful and noble while achieving the all-important family and personal growth. What are your goals? Ask God where He needs you to be in the coming year and let Him shape you with His hand.

Count your many blessings. Wealth can never buy… your reward in Heaven, nor your home on high.



Austin W. Boyd, CEO

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