Merry Christmas from Whitespace Innovations!


Dear friends,

Merry Christmas from Whitespace Innovations!

Another year passes… and we have so many people to thank for all the blessings that we’ve received this year at Whitespace. Each year, we acknowledge that God is in control, and that we are here as stewards of His gracious bounty. Each year, we recognize that through His providence, we are blessed to know, work with, and be in relationship with each of you. Thank you for your place in our lives at Whitespace. You have blessed us all.

Three years ago, we founded Whitespace with the goal of mentoring small and large businesses to support their profitable growth. From three employees, five customers, and $200K in revenue at the end of our first year, we’ve been blessed to grow to thirteen employees, more than 80 part-time associates, and 47 customers. We have won our first federal contract, our facility security clearance is nearly completed, and we’re compliant with all the federal accounting and cyber security rules. We will close this year at $1.2M in revenue with an annual average growth rate of 300% per year… and we owe it all to you. Whether as a customer, or as a friend who referred us, we have been blessed to grow because you believe in us. You give us a chance to be part of your lives and contribute to your business growth. Thank you!

Have you visited our new office? Come by sometime and tour our facility and conference spaces. In 2018, we will launch “Whitespace University” in our new conference suite, offering a broad assortment of free “lunch and learn” classes that will help you grow your business. Watch our website for the Whitespace University schedule and follow the link to Eventbrite to place your class reservation. Come join us for a free lunch and gain some key business insights.

We founded Whitespace to accomplish three goals. First, we are here to help our customers solve tough problems. We gravitate to the business issues that others say cannot be fixed, and we relish the challenge of helping companies grow when other efforts have failed. Second, we are here to help people find work. By supporting nearly 50 companies as they grow, we are able to get more people into the workforce than we could by simply growing our one small business. Third, we seek to establish an environment that achieves life-work balance. If we’re successful, our company benefits, and our clients are inspired to grow businesses that balance life and work. Like you, we are very busy and have much to do, building a profitable and fulfilling work environment staffed by amazing people. So, that’s Whitespace Innovations in a nutshell: we solve tough problems, win new work, grow your business… and treasure the grand adventure of life.

Thank you for your encouragement and for your prayers throughout the past year. We are blessed in so many ways, but most of all because we have you in our lives. As we journey in faith during this blessed Christmas time, let’s all remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Celebrate friends and family, celebrate your many blessings, and celebrate our Savior’s birth! May God’s rich blessings be with you and your family this Christmas and in the year to come.



Austin W. Boyd, CEO

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