Capture and Proposal


Only a signed contract counts.

It’s remarkable how much works goes into closing a sale, from the first bit of market intelligence about an opportunity to the final award. Many businesses mistakenly enter the “game” too late to influence the outcome, and then complain after the fact that “the bid was wired for someone else.”

They might be right, but signed contracts don’t usually “fall into your lap.” You have to work hard to bring them to fruition. Solid “capture management” is needed to shape a business opportunity. Capture management that solidifies the relationship with the customer, communicates core themes of your offering, and brings the right partners to your team. Don’t dive into a proposal without shaping the deal. Most often, you’ll be wasting your time.

Whitespace Innovations offers you a repeatable process that you can use on every capture, to shape your business lead into a future win. Discipline, rigor, strong win themes, and clear communication are essential. We bring you a pattern for that process, and we partner with you to lead or support capture efforts when you need an extra hand.

We love to write proposals. Don’t laugh. It’s true. After 167 of them in the past 16 years, with a 60%+ win rate, every bid offers an opportunity to learn new things. If you need an extra writer on your team, a review team member, a tech editor, graphic artist, or a full-time proposal manager, Whitespace is ready to help.

Let’s capture a new job together. Plan to win—and bid with confidence.

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