Strategic Planning


Adapt or perish. What’s your next move?

Plan the work, and work the plan.

With the vision established for your company, it’s essential to have a plan to move the business forward. It’s also important to remember that life is a journey, not a destination. Your plan doesn’t have to have an end in mind but it does need a clear direction.

Multiple clients have shared in the past that “We hate strategic planning. We spend hours building a plan that gets shelved and forgotten. Even when we pull it out, no one knows how to follow it.” That’s a sad commentary expressed by so many business leaders—a sad commentary on overly complex planning processes. It’s really not that hard. And we can help.

At Whitespace Innovations, we’ve perfected a template and process that we use to facilitate strategic planning, leading to a very clear understanding of your products, services, markets and goals, with rigor to identify the costs and actions that your plan requires.

The Whitespace process requires approximately 10 hour of executive time, and a week of our time to summarize the results. You wind up with a one-page strategic plan and a handful of succinct metrics against which you can measure your progress every quarter and annually. Not complex, but very penetrating.

This process works. You won’t hate planning when you’re finished, and you won’t toss this plan on the shelf. It will become a central component of your business.

Know where you’re going. And have a plan for getting there.

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