Business Innovation


Solve problems outside the box.

Actually, we threw out the box! Instead, we leverage an internal think tank, supported by a network of certified partners, to develop winning solutions to your business or technical problem… always building from a fresh perspective.

For 16 years we have helped clients tackle tough problems that seemed unsolvable. Technical conundrums. Military operational challenges. Business crises. All brought to a successful resolution using a unique combination of our “question-based process” and tailored brainstorming.

Each engagement generally ends the same way, with a senior executive exclaiming aloud “I never thought of that!” The solution was always there, waiting to be uncovered on a white board. That’s where we got our name: Whitespace Innovations.

“Build me a strategy to grow from $75M to a $1B business in ten years” “Track terrorists on the ground in a triple canopy jungle.” “Find a ship anywhere on the earth… without them knowing.” “Create a successful proposal center in a company that does not write proposals.” All sorts of problems, seemingly intractable. Great opportunities are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.

The answer to your dilemma is waiting for us to find it with you, hiding on a blank white board. It’s buried in your business or technical “whitespace.” Don’t ever think that a problem has no solution. It simply has no solution that you have found so far.

Seize the opportunity in your whitespace. If you don’t, someone else will. Soon.

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