Opportunity Pipeline


Identify the right leads and chase them hard.

Opportunity fuels your prosperity. If you follow the wrong business leads, you waste valuable time and resources. We help you chase what matters.

Many businesses sense that “we’re chasing lots of work, but none of it is panning out.” When we ask “why?” most often we get a shrug. Our response: you get what you measure. If you only measure growth, you won’t know what efforts are paying dividends, and which ones are not. A metrics-based pipeline is essential to ensure that your time is spent wisely, and that every lead is a quality opportunity.

Whitespace Innovations brings a complete “metrics-based business development process” to bear for our clients, beginning with a comprehensive assessment of a business “pipeline” of leads. With some simple formulas that drive your attention to the underperforming parts of your business development, we will help you root out the wasted time and place a focus on the kinds of business you want to grow.

Bring us in to take a look at your “pipeline” and your business development processes. The fix may be much simpler than you thought. This analysis is easy. Deceptively easy. The problem is that most companies operate “on their gut” and cannot quantify the benefit of their sales and marketing actions.

Don’t waste time and money. Tune up your pipeline and chase what matters.

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